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Featured aluminum veneer

Product Description

Huayuan special aluminum veneer Product introduction:

The company produces imitation stone, imitation wood grain and imitation metal fluorocarbon aluminum veneer. Its coating adopts the same fluorocarbon coating as ordinary fluorocarbon aluminum veneer. It has a special surface effect through special coating process. The fluorocarbon coating properties of the featured coating are exactly the same as ordinary fluorocarbon. All the company's exterior wall aluminum veneers have a coating performance that meets or exceeds the national standard GB/T 23443-2009 or the international AAMA 2605 standard. Provides the highest level of weather protection for high-end building façades, making the building beautiful and new.

Huayuan special aluminum veneer coating structure:


Huayuan special aluminum veneer quality assurance:

The company offers 20 years of outdoor quality assurance. Quality Assurance provides a warranty on the specific performance of the coating in accordance with international quality assurance practices and AAMA 2605. Fluorocarbon coating of its aluminum veneer:

1) Coating integrity: The coating is intact and does not fall off within 20 years;

2) Anti-powdering: less than 8 in 20 years (ASTM D 659 standard);

3) Color change: ΔE is a maximum of 5 units in 20 years.

Flower pattern

Imitation stone aluminum veneer:


HY-001                                                                                 HY-002


HY-003                                                                                 HY-004

Imitation wood grain aluminum veneer:


HY-029                                                                                 HY-030


HY-031                                                                                 HY-032


Imitation titanium zinc, imitation brushed aluminum veneer:


HY-039                                                                                 HY-040


HY-041                                                                                 HY-042


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