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Three-dimensional aluminum composite board

Product Description

Three-dimensional aluminum composite board Product introduction:

The three-dimensional aluminum composite panel is composed of a surface, a bottom aluminum plate and an intermediate layer aluminum core of a three-dimensional structure.

Three-dimensional aluminum composite board Features:

Light weight - 0.50/0.50×4mm only 3.5 kg/m2, 57% lighter than 8.1kg/m2 of A2 aluminum composite board of the same specification, 57% lighter than 8.1kg/m2 of 3mm aluminum single board;

High strength - bending strength is higher than aluminum composite panel for curtain wall;

Good fire resistance - A2 level;

Easy to process - the same way as aluminum composite panels.

Three-dimensional aluminum composite board

The cabinet material, interior and exterior decoration.

Three-dimensional aluminum composite panel sectional view

Ordinary aluminum composite panel sectional view

Three-dimensional aluminum composite board Specifications:

Surface/bottom aluminum thickness: only two types of 0.40/0.40mm and 0.50/0.50mm

Plate thickness: 4mm

Width: ≤1550mm

Length: ≤6000mm, can be fixed

The decorative surface of the product is limited to matte, and high-gloss products cannot be produced.

Comparison table of three-dimensional aluminum composite board and aluminum honeycomb board inspection standard:

Serial number

Test items

3D board inspection results

Aluminum honeycomb composite panel unit

Refer to national testing standards


Flat tensile strength


≥0.8 MPa

GB/T 1452-2005


Flat compressive strength

4.39 MPa

≥0.8 MPa

GB/T 1453-2005


Plane shear strength

0.85 MPa


GB/T 1455-2005


Bending strength

4mm 161.9 MPa

No standard

GB/T 1456-2005


Roller peel strength

102.7 N·mm/mm

≥50 N·mm/mm

GB/T 1457-2005


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