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Coated galvanized steel sheet

Product Description

Coated galvanized steel sheet Product Description:

·Laminated galvanized steel sheet is a kind of metal plate with galvanized steel plate as the base material and composite decorative color film on the surface.

·Features: The surface pattern is rich in color, environmental protection, good durability (wear resistance, corrosion resistance), and has good processing performance. As an upgraded product of color coated steel plate, it can be widely used in elevator, door industry, home appliances and other decorative industries.

Coated galvanized steel sheet Specifications:

Finished product thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)
0.80、0.95、1.25、1.5、1.7 1000、1220、1240 Standard: 2440 can be fixed, can be coiled
Appearance pattern is subject to seal or mutual agreement


Coated galvanized steel sheet Variety range:

Printed film

Small blue-and-white porcelain, checkered blue-and-white porcelain, eight-petal flower, line flower, butterfly flower, magic color pattern, skin pattern, water cube, ecological wood grain, ecological stone grain, wave pattern, flashing pearl series, net color flashing pearl series and other personality Pattern, etc.

Metal wood grain, aesthetic wood grain, metal stone grain, rich printing series, printing metal color drawing series, printing matte metal color series, printing metal color wave series, vertical bar blue and white porcelain, vertical stone series, small waist stone pattern , leather grain, butterfly flower, wood grain series, horizontal bar chain series, vertical bar European art flower series, metal grid metal silver and metal printing color series.


Aluminized film

Matte silver metal wire drawing, tungsten steel metal wire drawing, etc.


Performance data sheet of coated galvanized steel sheet:



Film adhesion Cupping test No peeling
Film surface hardness Pencil test ≥HB
Film flexibility Bending test No crack
Acid resistance 10% HCl 5 hours No discoloration, no fading
Alkali resistance 10% NaOH 5 hours No discoloration, no fading
Boiling water resistance 1 hour No cracking, no discoloration


Coated galvanized steel plate pattern

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