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Fireproof aluminum composite board

Product Description

Fireproof aluminum composite board Product introduction:

An advanced fireproof interior and exterior decorative panel made of aluminum and flame retardant core material. The combustion performance is divided into four flame retardant grades: B1+, FR, HFR and A2. Huayuan brand fireproof aluminum composite board has been tested by authorized institutions such as SGS and INTERTEK, and has reached GB 8624 (Class B, Class A2), ASTM E-84 (Class A / Class 1), ASTM E119 (2 hours of fire resistance), NFPA. 285 (qualified), EN 13501-1 (Class B, Class A2), BS 476 Part 6 and Part 7 (Level 0, Level 1).

Features and uses:

Compared with aluminum veneers, the products have the advantages of low price, light weight, high strength, good flatness, good coating quality, good heat preservation and convenient processing. They are the replacement products of traditional aluminum veneers and are suitable for high Curtain wall and interior and exterior decoration for fire protection requirements.

Comparison table of combustion performance of Huayuan fireproof aluminum composite board:

Core material classification

Huayuan ordinary aluminum composite panel PE

Huayuan fireproof aluminum composite panel FR or HFR

Huayuan A2 non-combustible aluminum composite board A2

Core layer flammable


Component weight




Core calorific value

>45 MJ/kg

>15 MJ/kg

> MJ/kg

Oxygen Index




Fire-proof level

China GB8624:B2

China GB8624: B1-s1, d0, t0

EU EN13501: B-s1, d0


Russia GOST30244-94, 30402-96, 12.1.044-89

Ukraine BV 2.7-19-95 (GOST30244-94)

United Kingdom BS476Part6&7

Germany DIN4102Part1

China GB8624: A2-s1, d0, t0

EU EN13501: A2-s1, d0

Singapore PSB (BS476Part6&7): 0,1

Special recommendation:

Huayuan A2 non-combustible aluminum composite board (instead of aluminum veneer)

product structure:

A revolutionary high-performance lightweight fireproof decorative material with non-combustible inorganic minerals (silica micropowder, calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide) as the core layer and coated aluminum alloy as the decorative surface.




Huayuan A2 non-combustible aluminum composite board is an ideal product to replace aluminum veneer:


Huayuan fireproof aluminum composite board honor:


Huayuan fireproof aluminum composite board certificate of honor:


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