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Huayuan brand metal composite board won the title of "Shanghai Famous Brand" for 13 consecutive years

2019/06/13 09:39
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Since its establishment 20 years ago, Shanghai Huayuan Composite New Materials Co., Ltd. has adhered to the road of creating a world-class metal composite panel brand, focusing on making fine, specializing and strengthening metal composite panels. Always relying on high-quality products and services as the basis of Huayuan brand, and constantly improve the reputation and reputation of Huayuan brand, and won the praise and trust of customers. Recently, the Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Committee issued a certificate to award the Huayuan brand aluminum-plastic composite board "Shanghai Famous Brand in 2017". This is the Huayuan brand aluminum-plastic composite board that has won this honor for 13 consecutive years since 2005. .

“Shanghai Famous Brand” is based on the product's popularity, quality level, market share, user satisfaction and intangible asset value. It adopts scientific evaluation methods and strict evaluation standards to conduct comprehensive evaluation, aiming at recognizing international competitive advantages. The quality products that the company produces can truly represent Shanghai quality.