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New Trends in China Merchants - Jinhua Group and Shanghai Huayuan Strategic Planning Project Launched

2019/06/13 09:34
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On May 8, 2019, the Shenzhen Jinhua Industrial Group and Shanghai Huayuan Composite New Materials Co., Ltd. held a kick-off meeting for the industrial research and strategic planning consulting project. The Chinese Business Research Institute expert group led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yi Ming, Shanghai Zhu Yanqun and Fu Xianhui, deputy general managers of Huayuan, and heads of various departments attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Zhu Yanqun, deputy general manager of Shanghai Huayuan Company, briefly analyzed the industry changes in recent years, and reviewed the overall operation of the company in the past three years. The clear strategic positioning and forward-looking planning and deployment are of great significance to Huayuan. It is hoped that through the professional research of China Business Consulting Group, planning in advance, early layout, and actively responding to the new market environment will lay a solid foundation for the next phase of Huayuan's development.

Mr. Zhang Xiqiang from the China Business Research Institute gave a brief introduction to the direction, ideas and plans of this strategic planning work, and put forward some new ideas on safeguard measures such as risk control, marketing model and personnel training.

Dean of the China Business Research Institute, from the height of the industry development, clarified the significance of this industry research and strategic planning to maintain Huayuan's leading position in the industry and move toward a higher stage. I hope that Chinese experts will be in the future. The group actively cooperated with various departments of Huayuan Company, with more passion and full of fighting spirit, joined hands to create good results, reached the overall goal of this industry research and strategic planning, and realized new breakthroughs and new developments of Huayuan.

At the end of the meeting, a grand awarding ceremony was held. Jinhua Group and Shanghai Huayuan hired China Business Consulting Group as a strategic research and consulting organization. Specially appointed Dean Yiming as the chief senior strategic consultant for life, and hired experts such as Zhang Xiqiang and Yu Jiang. Senior strategic consultant expert.