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Huayuan Company held the 2019 Annual Meeting of Spring

2019/03/01 09:52
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Years are like a shuttle, time flies, Shanghai Huayuan Composite New Materials Co., Ltd. from small to large, from weak to strong fight for 20 Spring and Autumn. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the company held its annual meeting at the Shanghai Huhua Seafood Hotel on January  26th. All the staff gathered to celebrate the company's progress and development.

The general manager delivered a speech at the annual meeting, summed up the three major events completed by Huayuan in 2018, thanked the staff for their hard work and wealth creation, and thanked the community for their support and help to the company's work. 2018 success, honor belongs to the past, 2019 Hard work, start all over again!

At the meeting, employees of various departments conducted cultural performances, demonstrating the spirit of Huayuan, “intention, brain, exertion; unity, hard work, innovation”.