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Architectural Decoration Engineer
Shanghai Huayuan Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
Shanghai/Qingpu District 3-5 Years College Recruitment
Job highlights
Salary annual vacation, five insurance, one gold weekend, double rest, high temperature subsidy, Festival benefits
Job information
Design communication, scheme design, budget quotation and contract signing of decoration design projects. Follow up the whole process from the design plan to the construction site, grasp the progress, effect and quality. Coordination, problem solving and communication of design results are carried out in all aspects of the design process.
1. Has 3-5 years of tooling design experience, strong communication and coordination skills;
2. Graduation of related majors in industrial and civil construction, design, etc.
3. More than 3 years of relevant working experience. Experience in design and construction of office and commercial projects is preferred.
4. Proficiency in CAD, 3D, PS, SKP, PPT and other related drawing software and office software;
5. There are new ideas in the overall design, which can independently complete the conceptual design.
6. Good cultural temperament, aesthetic taste and communication skills, down-to-earth and rigorous work style.
Salesman (Shanghai, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Nantong)
Shanghai Huayuan Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
4001-6000 yuan/month
Shanghai/Qingpu District 1-3 Years Junior College Recruitment
Job highlights
Five-insurance-one-gold weekend double-rest high temperature subsidy holiday welfare performance bonus
Job information
1. Under 35 years old, men and women are not limited.
Over 2 or 2 years working experience in building materials sales. Aluminum-plastic sheet sales experience is preferred.
3. Has abundant customer resources and customer relations, excellent performance.
4. Strong ability of market analysis, marketing promotion and interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and problem solving.
Foreign Trade Sales Commissioner
Shanghai Huayuan Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
4001-6000 yuan/month
Four undergraduate students enrolled in Shanghai/Qingpu District for 1-3 years
Job highlights
Weekend double-break performance bonus high temperature subsidy paid annual leave package eat five insurance and one gold
Job information
Skill requirements:
Sales, Marketing
1. Develop new customers independently, collect customer information, deal with customer needs, negotiate prices, and promote the completion of orders;
2. Participate in exhibitions at home and abroad, do a good job in exhibition-related work, conduct business negotiations and cooperation with interested customers, collect overseas project information, customer information, develop foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain overseas customers.
3. Be responsible for negotiating and signing contracts with customers.
4. Collate and update customer files, analyze them, and provide sales analysis data.
5. Complete the company's sales targets, personal goals and team performance.
6. Cooperate with department leaders and company management on other business issues.
7. More than 3 years experience in foreign trade, building materials industry, especially in the Aluminum Plastic Board industry.
8. Familiar with foreign trade business processes, able to independently complete a complete set of foreign trade work.
9. Has strong communication skills, can independently complete all aspects of the work, a strong sense of responsibility, work actively, full of enthusiasm, can independently develop customers, and can withstand greater work pressure.
10. Having a driver's license, can adapt to travel at home and abroad.
11. CET-4 or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, with the ability to communicate smoothly with customers.
12. Will operate Alibaba International Station, using B2B website, social platform and other ways to develop overseas customers'priorities.
13. Good professional accomplishment.