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processing methods

Huayuan brand aluminum composite board can be cut, sawed, milled, punched, pressed, folded, bent and so on with tools for processing wood or metal. It can be processed into various shapes according to the requirements of architectural decoration design, especially for arcs. Shapes, anti-arc shapes, small radius fillets, inner and outer corners, etc. are more arbitrary, and can not be compared with other decoration materials. Ordinary aluminum product processing machinery and wood product processing machinery can be used for the processing of Huayuan board without special equipment.

Saw cutting

It can be easily processed with mechanical saws and plates for wood processing.

We recommend the use of carbide inserts.

Cutting groove processing

U-groove processing from 0.2 to 0.4 mm from the base of the polyethylene is important.

The best groove angle recommended by the company is 110 degrees.

(1) Milling machines and trimmers

Use the modified drill bit as shown in the lower left figure.

Number of teeth: 2-4

Number of revolutions: 20,000-30,000 rpm

Feeding speed: 3-5m/min

Material: Carbide

(2) When a large number of U-shaped grooves are processed,

Use a circular saw and a band saw as appropriate. The example shown below is an example of a slot cutter;

● Material: Carbide sheet

● Outer diameter: 305mm

● Number of teeth: 24

● Number of revolutions: 3,000-5,000 rpm

● Feeding speed: 5m/min



Bending processing

The operation of the platform and the bending of the part can be done neatly. Flat punch presses, folding machines or bending dies are suitable as bending equipment. We recommend a temperature above 10 °C when bending.

Bending machine with folding machine

When using a folding trigger shaping plate, the appropriate radius upper die should be used.

Bending with a three-roller

The three-roller trigger is suitable for bending of large inner diameters compared to the folding trigger. And should be able to bend by hand after bending before bending.

Riveting processing

Blind rivets for easy connection from one direction


Considering the deformation limit, e ≥ 2D in the figure.

Installation diagram

Board type and connection design example (A)

Angle aluminum and sealed connection (1)

1. Huayuan board

2, aluminum rivets

3, angle aluminum (large)

4, angle aluminum (small)

5, sealing material

6, pad material

7, gasket

8, angle steel

9, round head screws

Cylindrical coating example

1. Huayuan board

2, angular support

3, steel strip

4, sealing material

5, plastic liner

6, ancillary equipment

7, round head screws

8, bearing column

9, angle steel

The above attachments are suitable for low-rise buildings


Building top installation example

1. Huayuan board

2, building top

3, angular support

4, angular support

5, angle steel

6, sealing material

7. Lining material

8, round head screws

9. Pre-embedded anchor or expansion bolt

External corner installation example

1. Huayuan Brand

2, sealing material

3, pad material

4, angle steel

5, steel strip

Internal corner installation example

1. Huayuan Brand

2, sealing material

3, pad material

4, angle steel

5, round head screws

Square column coating example

1. Huayuan Brand

2, angular support

3, angle steel

4, sealing material

5, plastic padding