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Shanghai Huayuan Composite New Materials Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture. A total investment of 32 million US dollars, specializing in the production of Huayuan brand metal composite board products: aluminum composite board, copper composite board, stainless steel composite board, titanium zinc composite board, galvanized steel composite board, bimetal composite board, coated galvanized steel sheet And featuring aluminum veneers.

The company has passed the quality management system ISO9001, environmental management system ISO14001, occupational health and safety OHSAS18001 and social responsibility BSCI international certification. Huayuan brand metal composite board has passed 3C product certification of China Quality Certification Center, CTC product certification of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Center and EU safety CE certification.

In the industry, the product had obtained the “International Standard Product Mark” certificate issued by the National Standardization Management Committee, and has passed the test of the world's authoritative testing institutions SGS, INTERTEK and Singapore PSB, reaching ASTME84, E119, NFPA285, EU EN13501 and UK BS476. standard.

The company was named as “China's aluminum-plastic composite material industry quality inspection training base”, and the industry association organized relevant activities related to quality management, quality inspection, quality inspector training and revision of national standards for aluminum-plastic composite panels.

The company produces Huayuan brand metal composite board more than 8 million square meters per year. The specifications of various metal composite panels in the world can be produced. The company is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, and has obtained 35 national patent approval numbers for copper composite plates, titanium-zinc composite plates, stainless steel composite plates and bimetal composite plates. It has been included in the “Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project”. “Shanghai Key New Products” and “Shanghai Science and Technology Achievements” won the first prize of National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation and the National Building Decoration Industry Innovation Achievement Award and Technology Demonstration Engineering Innovation Award.

The company is now the vice chairman unit of the China Building Materials Federation Aluminum Plastic Composites Branch, the vice president unit of the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association .

Huayuan brand metal composite board has offices in 26 provinces and cities in China; it has agents in more than 80 countries around the world, and is a large-scale enterprise with sales and export volume of China's metal composite board, which continues to lead the Chinese metal. Composites industry.